A para-social interaction with your clients

In a competitive marketplace, having very high established credibility means your marketing messages will be heard & received positively.

It is hard to build trust and easier to lose it. Televised appearances increase the trust factor that your audience place on you.

Focusing on increasing the trust factor that your audience place in you, projects your brand miles in front from your nearest competitor and sets you worlds apart.

Building an unshakably strong reputation through TV will lead to achieving a perception of SUPER STARDOM within your industry. Television conveys "stardom" in a way that no other media can.

On a side note, with TV appearances, you’re seen as a public figure of notoriety and more likely to get the much sought after celebrity blue tick verified account on Facebook & Twitter, whether that be for yourself or your business brand.

Another benefit of having your brand on television is that it tells your customers that you’re legitimate, substantial, and stable. It says you are proud of your brand and want the world to know about it. TV celebs gain positive notoriety in the communities they serve, and being seen on TV builds the community's trust in you. TV appearances places a brand in a class with the most successful brands in the community.

Amazon Prime TV recently spent £160million commissioning 36 episodes of the new Grand Tour show featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May who recently moved from the BBC. Having the ex- Top Gear boys signed under the same distribution network as you can only help bolster your brand credibility. What do you think is going to happen to Amazon Prime figures when their show goes live? They will Skyrocket! We already know that because Amazon has spent a fortune in advertising through so many different mediums and they wouldn’t do that unless they already know their metrics a long way in advance.

The Telegraph newspaper reported that, “Amazon has been plotting to take over the world of television for years” and that this “…is just the start of an accelerated investment in programme making and feature film production.”

Advertising surrounds us and we’ve become experts at tuning it out. This is why most advertising campaigns are not relatively successful. If we turn our attention to the likes of The Kardashians we can see that whilst most business and celebrity Twitter feeds are full of corporate looking ads, the Kardashians come across as more personal, like your next door neighbour or best friend that you’d see every day. It creates a dynamic that’s very close to being a perceived friendship even though it’s completely one-sided. This is known by psychologists as Para-Social Interaction.

This describes the viewers’ feelings of friendship and closeness with TV celebrities that they’ve never met. This is why most reality TV shows are so popular because they have that friendly, rough ‘n ready, not corporate feel about them. What this does is stop your viewers from feeling like they’re being sold to and instead turn it into more a ‘recommendation from a friend.’ Have you ever seen a TV celebrity in person whilst you’ve been going about your business? Most of us have. Isn’t it odd how you almost feel like you know them? That’s Para-Social Interaction. This is the secret to TV success as a marketing platform. It makes your viewers feel that you’re their friend. They associate more readily with you and are more easily influenced by this form of media.