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Go international! When your programme is featured on Amazon Prime, it gets shown in many countries.

Get in front of all kinds of people you ordinarily wouldn’t. Amazon has hundreds of millions of buyers in their database. When they feature your programme, you’re getting in front of an entirely new audience database that is pretty much impossible for you to replicate. Remember how large Amazon has become? This gives you a major cutting edge. Amazon TV

One of the benefits of being featured on TV is the ability to communicate with a very large audience. Considered a form of mass media, TV programmes attract attention, generate awareness and establish preference for brands, products and services.

According to an article published in the New York Times, 96.7% of American households own television sets. This amounts to more than 300 million people who have access to television. Cable networks, 24-hour programs and satellite channels have further hiked television viewership in the country, making the television a substantially lucrative mode of conveying a message to your audience. Watching TV is considered the most common leisure activity. The widespread appeal of TV may make consumers more receptive to your brand compared with other forms of media, such as direct mail or telemarketing, which some people find annoying.

Amazon Prime is now so powerful that it has now overtaken Netflix in the USA.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimated that Amazon increased its US viewership by 35% in 2015 and a 43% increase in the year up to June 2016.

According to the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (Bard), which provides official viewing figures for UK television audiences, Amazon Prime viewing figures are growing steadily in the UK.

These statistics show there’s a rapid growth in Amazon Prime and a steady acceleration in the increased household penetration rate. What does this mean for your brand? An increased reach.