Tilt the entire game board in your favour

Creates massive influence within your industry.

TV is the most innovative & disruptive form of media.

The “glitz and glamour” associated with producing a television programme makes it one of the most appealing advertising methods.

See It – Hear It – Remember It…..studies on learning and memory reveal that repetition with both sound and visual input is the best way to ensure a brand is remembered. TV programmes consistently offer both full motion images and stereo sound, on the biggest screen in the household.

Television is exciting, engaging and empathetic, bringing brands to life unlike any other medium. The television experience is a complete sensory feast, entertaining the nation and bringing people together.

Ask any MBA graduate what is the one thing that leaves a lasting success in any business and they will tell you it’s something called, ‘Blue Ocean Strategy.’ This comes from the idea that long-term and sustained success in any business and for any brand comes, not from battling with competitors but from creating & surrounding yourself with blue oceans of untapped new market spaces through totally differentiating your brand from others. It’s like you’re playing Monopoly and you just tilt the entire board in your favour. This means instead of going head-to-head with competitors all the time and leaving the door open for them to copy any new marketing techniques out, you totally disrupt your marketplace by doing something they couldn’t possibly copy. This is where having your own TV show comes in. Do you think for one minute that your competition will have even considered that a viable or economic proposition? Definitely not. Read on……