You can take your audience literally anywhere

For most people having a television programme developed for them and aired on TV is not a financially viable route to totally dominate their marketplace and overtake their competition.

We are literally the only ones who can 100% Guarantee Prime TV coverage and make it Financially Viable on a marketing medium that has a larger and far reaching area of dominant influence.

This is unflinching exposure for your brand on an unparalleled scale.

Watching TV is the most common leisure activity in our country today. It is the medium where the consumer spends the most ‘attentive’ time.

While a newspaper or business directory may cover a city’s general geographic area, TV offers the greatest possibility for Return on Investment. With a camera, you can take your audience anywhere, and show them almost anything. The power of television is in its ability to simultaneously appeal not only to sight and hearing, but to strengthen interest through the dimensions of movement and the realism of full colour. It is comprised of pictures and words, but of the two, the pictures are infinitely more important. ‘A picture paints a thousand words!

TV coverage can show and tell many people about your product or service, and actually demonstrate the benefits of ownership. Since they see how it works and how it is packaged, every time they see it they will be psychologically reminded of their desire to have it.

Television has proven its power to influence human behaviour again and again. As well as being the ‘King of Media’ it is also the ‘King’ of advertising costs as well.


Daily Media Consumption (in mins)

  • Television (King of Media!)232%
  • Radio166%
  • Internet68%
  • Mobile phone28%
  • Landline phone9%
Everybody knows that Television costs more than other forms of media, such as radio, magazine, newspaper and Internet advertising. TV programmes are expensive to produce. Typical production costs range between £200,000 to more than £1 million for each programme. That’s just the production costs alone. Then on top of that you also have Airtime costs which are equally high.

If you follow the normal route to TV, say for example producing a commercial, this is how it goes……

  • When you advertise on TV, your commercial is not only competing with others, it is also competing with the viewer’s environment as well,
  • When a commercial is being aired, viewers may never see it unless it is intrusive enough to capture their attention. Viewers notoriously leave the room for toilet or refreshment breaks during TV commercial breaks,
  • The minimum amount of airtime (& that’s all most could afford) provides limited length of exposure and ad clutter (your message/brand being mixed with everyone else’s),
  • The message comes and goes, and that’s it! Unless you buy additional airtime, the viewer doesn’t see your commercial ever again……Ongoing Costs become so prohibitive that businesses opt for cheaper airtime that pushes their commercials to late night spots on lesser-known channels,
  • Multiple exposures are required to achieve message retention and consumer action. If you don’t reach your viewer at least 5-7 times, you are just throwing money away with standard television commercial advertising,
  • When you need to make changes to an ad campaign, it’s difficult to pull the ad from airtime but also costly,
  • It takes a very long time (& with several legal issues involved) from the programme commission through to production and on to the eventual broadcast,
These costs and problems alone will present the largest barrier to entry and prevent your competitors from going this same route to market, enabling you to take advantage of our TV coverage at the substantially lower price.


Despite all the self-congratulatory noise you hear from web marketers, people still spend WAY MORE TIME WATCHING TV than they do with any other media including online videos on Youtube. Statistics also show that the consumers of tomorrow will still favour TV over other media by a similarly wide margin.

Television airtime has earned an excellent, consistent, successful track record in promoting products and services for over half a century. TV airtime has many advantages for local, regional, and nationwide businesses. This is the same for personal brands, conventional brick and mortar businesses or online businesses.


The average home has a larger TV now than in past years, and many homes own several. People aren't giving up the home entertainment centre any time soon. Your message can be right there in their living rooms.

In this age of what has been called the ‘Attention Economy’ you can break through all the noise & clutter and rise above your competitors by being in the one place you know your target audience is going to be. Look at it this way, we’ve all driven passed people on street corners wearing sandwich boards and handing out flyers. Usually Dominos Pizza. They don’t stand on a quiet back road. They’ll go and hang out in the places where they know they will be seen by as many people as possible. Traffic lights, major junctions, outside Students Unions. This is exactly what you’ll be doing here. We can see from the statistics available to us that most households watch several hours of TV per day. So why not put your brand there, where they can see it.