The average person spends more than 4hrs a day watching TV

Only you can answer that. It’s your brand. Are you seriously telling me now that you don’t have anything of value or you don’t think you’re worth it yourself? Everyone is important. Your brand is important….you’re important as well to people. So let’s turn that idea totally on its head. Let’s say for arguments sake that not one single person ever switches on the TV and watches your programme. Unlikely but let’s for arguments sake, pretend that’s the case. So even just having the Amazon Prime TV branding on your website alone or being able to say to people, through all your social media channels and on all your business literature that you have your own TV programme and it’s broadcast on Amazon Prime, do you think that’s going to give you a whole load of credibility or get you seen as the expert in your field? Of course it is! If you switch on the TV and watch a programme that’s just about a particular person or a particular business then naturally you’re going to assume that the only reason they’re on TV and have a programme all about them or their brand is because they’re an authority and considered by the media as someone worthwhile listening to.

The BBC reported that the UK communications regulator Ofcom said UK adults spend an average of 8hr 41mins on media devices, compared with the average night’s sleep of 8hrs 21mins. Almost 4hrs a day are spent watching TV. The average time people spend watching TV each day is more than the combined time spent on mobile phones, landlines and the internet. TV is the most resilient form of media distribution and still the King when it comes to media consumption. Would anyone be interested in watching a programme about your brand? Of course they would!