Do any of your competitors have their own TV show?

It’s actually not expensive at all. Let me ask you this question. How do you currently market/advertise your brand? How much does that cost you? How long do the results typically last before having to pay again? Does that bring you any additional credibility, kudos or mark you out as the perceived expert in your industry? Of course it doesn’t. What we’re offering you here does!

Do any of your competitors have their own TV show?

Let’s look at other advertising mediums…..

How much do you think you would have to pay to advertise even for just 30 seconds on radio? That would be around £30-£50k.

How about on TV? Well, that would be between £100k to £1million+.

The average cost of a cup of coffee per day is £2.75. Imagine having just 1 coffee each day for a year. What would that cost you? Would you believe me if that’s more than what it’ll cost you to have your own programme on TV. Now let me ask you this………how much will a cup of coffee help promote you or your business or 10x your income and client base? Is a cup of coffee tax deductible? Of course not. Our service is! So that makes it not only an asset but something you can write down off your end of year tax bill… you can basically get your own TV series as a lifetime legacy for just the cost of a cup of coffee every day for a year. But our TV programmes are a legacy asset. They don’t just disappear after a year, they remain.

starbucks Now let me give you another example, I recently came off the phone from speaking to a Yellow Pages rep.
For a standard advert in my local Yellow Pages (in a small town with small readership) they wanted to charge me £3,010.

Feel free to go ahead and pay that £3,010 PER YEAR for an advert which MIGHT get seen if you’re lucky and only if the reader opens the Yellow Pages book and they choose to focus on your advert instead of the thousands of others listed in there. There’s a reason why Yellow Pages distribution has gone down. That would cost you £8.25 PER DAY for a whole year and then…….either you pay again for a repeat marketing ROI disaster or you see sense, cut your losses and your advert is pulled.

Now what WE give you is not just a Yearly thing but a ‘LEGACY’ service.

Let’s just say you’re not interested in advertising in the Yellow Pages but instead choose a local directory. You know those ones that drop through the door every month or so & sit on the porch floor or in a kitchen drawer. They’re actually quite decent little directories. BUT, like Yellow Pages, you pay EVERY time you want your advert to appear. In this case, an advert was going to cost me £150 Per Month & the readership was far less than the Yellow Pages.
What do you think happens to your advert the next month when a new directory drops through the letterbox? ……it goes in the bin with the old directory!!!!

If you were to advertise with them for a whole year, it would cost you £1,800.

That works out at £4.93 PER DAY

….all that JUST for a small Advert!!!

Now look at what we’re offering again and how much we’re charging. We believe in keeping things simple and offer just 3 packages, starting from £1,000.

But that’s not all……as well as offering our payment plan, we also offer PayPal financing as an option which means that, provided you pass the PayPal credit checks you don’t actually have to pay anything for the first 4 months.