There are 4 main ways of getting your brand to appear on TV...

  1. You could approach a TV network directly and endure the excruciating months of anxiety and money wasted as you wait for creative steam to come back to you with different concepts only to later pitch their ideas to lesser known TV networks to be aired on the graveyard shift.
  2. Using an agency. They take a hefty upfront fee and outsource most aspects with spiralling costs and time. If you’re one of the lucky ones that manage to secure a TV commission, beware because the agency will also take a hefty commission fee. You risk losing IP (Intellectual property) rights for your brand or concept in perpetuity. You have to do everything their way which might end up totally damaging your brand.
  3. Approach a publicist/PR Management company. Again they too will take a hefty upfront retainer fee and outsource most aspects with spiralling costs and time. Like agencies they will also seek to take a hefty % commission when the TV show airs. You risk losing IP rights in perpetuity.
  4. You could set up your own TV network and take time growing the contacts within both the PR & Media industries but then again, why would you want to spend the next few years doing that when you have your own business to run.

You could spare yourself all the above problems, have full editorial control over your content, retain IP rights, cut out the expensive middlemen and exorbitant creative team costs……by just choosing us.

Here's What Other TV Production Companies Do...

Before we address why you should choose us, let’s first have a look at the normal process for getting onto TV (if you were to go with any other TV production company)….

With any other TV production company the process would be something similar to this:

Depending on your remaining budget, daily improvements are made on an ongoing basis

"What we say is what you get and we stand by our pricing as one of our competitive advantages within the media industry."


...will cost you a fortune!

Going down the normal process route that most other production companies and agencies provide, you will encounter two main costs:
Creative (the making of your programme) and
Media (the cost of placing it on a channel).
Other agencies will be hampered by variable costs of media coverage where programme scheduling is purchased on a cost per thousand basis dependent upon the following variables:

  • Seasonality - Costs varying by month (e.g.- Summer broadcasts are cheaper than Autumn)
  • The trading audience - TV stations trade with agencies against many demographics
  • Programme demand - If there is a high demand for a particular type of TV programme in the marketplace, you will pay more
  • Time duration of the creative - Costs will vary accordingly
  • Time of day - Certain times of day are more expensive than others (e.g. early evening is a peak time as this is when most viewers are tuning in)
  • Regionality - Targeting the whole of a geographic will naturally be more expensive, whereas targeting a specific region (e.g. North West) will not be as costly


We’re not tied down to these variable costs. What we say is what you get and we stand by our pricing as one of our competitive advantages within the media industry.

  • We guarantee you television coverage with your own show on both Amazon Prime and Roku TV
  • We handle all the creatives for you if required (including both start and end ‘bumpers’ for each programme)
  • We develop all creative visuals, thumbnails and posterboard images and upload these to Amazon, Roku TV and your own IMDB listing
  • Submit through our guaranteed coverage TV distribution network
  • We ensure there’s no legal pitfalls for you
  • We will get your programme to air VERY quickly (we’re talking days to a couple of weeks) instead of having to wait for months
  • We guarantee there’s no additional costs or variable costs involved
  • We guarantee your TV show is available to viewers throughout the day (even peak viewing times) and not just get shoved to the graveyard shift
  • Your TV show will be broadcast in the UK, USA, Germany & Japan
  • You retain full ownership & Intellectual Property rights
  • Have a look at all the Benefits to your brand/business this brings you (‘Why Would You Want To Go On TV’)
  • We offer amazing payment plans and even an interest free payment option (where you don’t pay for 4 months)
  • We have some raving testimonials (including from some former well-known celebs)

Step 1 - Contact

You get in contact with us and we discuss the best media strategy for you.

Step 2 - Decide Broadcast Style

We decide the best Programme Broadcast Style to suit you.
Initial deposit is taken at this stage.

Step 3 - Filming

The production itself is filmed. Either you can do that (very easy!) or we can take care of it for you.

Step 4 - Broadcast to TV

Your show is aired on TV.
Remainder payment due after show broadcast.