Policies & Best Practice Guidelines

What follows below are the various Policies and Best Practice Guidelines that we follow at Get Success TV.
We also request that any outside third parties working on productions with us comply with our policies.
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1Broadcast Production Agreement
This is a sample of our Broadcast Production Agreement (BPA) between GSTV and the client.
No programming can be commissioned between GSTV and a client without an active BPA. This sets out the nature of the commissioned production.

Below the BPA is set of accompanying Explanatory Notes for the client.

Broadcast Production Agreement (sample)
Explanatory Notes: Broadcast Production Agreement
2Production Budget & Scope
This document, otherwise referred to as the, "Scope," forms part of the Broadcast Production Agreement.
It aims to set out the Programme Working Title; Overall Projected Cost and a detailed explanation of the Scope of the production.

Production Budget & Scope (sample)
3GSTV Contributor Production Agreement
The Contributor Production Agreement (CPA) is and agreement between GSTV and any third party that wishes to output content through our GSTV distribution network.
It sets out the exact nature of the agreement.

GSTV Contributor Production Agreement (sample)
4Parent / Guardian Release Form
Any children working in a GSTV commissioned production must have a release form signed by their parent or legal guardian. This covers the recording and broadcast of the contribution given by the child.
This release form is also supported by the many Child Safety and Protection policies and guidelines.

Parent / Guardian Release form (sample)
5Supply of Photographs
Whenever a third party supplies photograph stills to GSTV for use in a commissioned production, GSTV should get a Supply of Photographs release form signed off to enable the use of the photographs.

Supply of Photographs Release form (sample)
6Film / VT Clip Licence
Whenever a third party supplies film or video footage to GSTV for use in a commissioned production, GSTV should get a Film / VT Clip Licence signed off to enable the use of the footage.

Film / VT Clip Licence (sample)
7Verbal Release to Camera
Whenever a third party is filmed as the subject of footage for a GSTV commissioned production, GSTV will endeavour to get a release form signed but if this is not possible at the time, then a Verbal Release to Camera will suffice.

Verbal Release to Camera
8Location Release
Whenever a commissioned production takes place on a private property, GSTV will seek to have a Location Release form signed between GSTV and the owner of the premises.
The release form sets out the specific access and filming rights whilst on the property.

Location Release form (sample)
9Signs for Filming on Private Property Open to Public
Whenever GSTV film a commissioned production on private property that happens, at that time or is likely to become, open to the public, GSTV will endeavour to affix signs at the entry points to inform visitors that filming is in progress.

Signs for Filming on Private Property Open to the Public (samples)


1Independent Contractor Corporate Policy (Health & Safety)
GSTV commissions independent contractors to provide content for a numbers of televised and online distribution networks. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that proper standards of health and safety are achieved in all production work commissioned by GSTV.

This Policy establishes the arrangements through which GSTV will manage and control its independent productions. Furthermore, this Policy is intended to ensure that independent contractors and their sub-contractors / freelance personnel, are made aware of, and are in compliance with, all relevant health and safety requirements while working on behalf of GSTV.

Independent Contractor Corporate Policy (Health & Safety)
2GSTV Health & Safety Statement
GSTV believes that the health and safety of all its staff and that of its business partners, visitors, associates and contractors is of paramount importance. As a result, GSTV requires the committed support of its business partners, associates and contractors in avoiding harm to anyone who may be affected by our activities. This therefore extends to the work of independent production companies when producing commissioned programmes on behalf of GSTV.
This statement sets outs how the health & safety interaction occurs between GSTV and independent contractors.

GSTV Health & Safety Statement
3Children Participating in Programmes
These guidance notes cover the safeguarding of children and young people who might be engaged in a televised production.

The interests and safety of children and young people must take priority over any editorial requirement. There are many aspects to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people, ranging from child protection to keeping their personal details safe.
They apply whether we are making a film with a child or receiving user generated content from young people. These guidance notes give advice to help to ensure duty of care for our young contributors and actors.

Children Participating in Programmes Guidance Notes
4GSTV's Child Safety Policy
Get Success TV (GSTV) believes a successful business is a responsible business. As such we are committed to doing the right thing in our day to day operations, and focusing on the areas where we believe we can make a real difference.
In line with this, we want to help families keep their children safe on-screen and online. We work at a number of levels - from continually improving our own technology, to ensuring checks are in place in programming and marketing, to working in partnership with other companies and Government, to ensure we have the highest possible standards in place.

This Child Safety Approach is to act as an umbrella for all policies or guidelines relating to children and applies to all GSTV People. It also tells you who to go to for further information or any queries.

GSTV's Child Safety Policy
5GSTV's Safeguarding Children Protection Policy
Everyone who works at GSTV is entitled to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment. GSTV has a moral and legal obligation to ensure that, when given responsibility for young people, employees and volunteers provide them with the highest possible standard of care.

GSTV is committed to devising and implementing policies so that everyone accepts their responsibilities to safeguard children from harm and abuse.

This policy sets out all key areas where child protection may be of issue during commissioned production work and how GSTV people deal with such situations.

GSTV's Safeguarding Children Protection Policy